Friday, 15 January 2016

Bursting At The Seams Podcast Episode 5

In the 5th episode of Bursting at the Seams, we chat about our experiences and attitude towards crunch as an indie developer, we also discuss about the industry topic of the 'indie-pocalypse, and our views on it, finally, as per usual, we wrap things up with games we have been playing.

This episode is quite brief as Cian was busy during the day of recording and couldn't commit the usual amount of time it takes to create these podcasts. We will return to normal length podcasts next Friday.

In the podcast we often chat about talks we've seen, or articles we've read. If you wish to look up the references as you're listening, to further engage in our conversation, we have listed them in the order they come up in the podcast below.

Penny Arcade's Tales of the Trenches:

Rami Ismail's 'You don't stand a chance' talk:

Cynical Brit's The failure of an indie platformer:

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