Friday, 18 December 2015

Bursting at the Seams Podcast, Episode 3

In the 3rd episode of Bursting at the Seams, we discuss our job roles at Stitch and how job roles are defined at a small independent game development studio. Four our game trends segment, we delve into crowdfunding, and finally we round up with the games we have been playing!

In the podcast we often chat about talks we've seen, or articles we've read. If you wish to look up the references as you're listening, to further engage in our conversation, we have listed them in the order they come up in the podcast below.

Jared and Brad of Touch Arcade 'enjoy' our game Fightocracy 2012 in their TA plays youtube video:

The excellent Lucas Arts-like point and click adventure game submitted as a job application for an internship at Double Fine:

Matt Hall's rule of thumb when designing a game, is to make it for one person:

The list of different types of game design roles, such as content designers, and system designers:

Funny and somewhat harrowing video answering the question, "So you want to work in the games industry?":

The Psychonauts 2 fig link:

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