Friday, 4 December 2015

Bursting At The Seams Podcast, Episode 2

In the 2nd episode of Bursting at the Seams, we discuss the prevalence of open world games in the industry right now, and also talk about our experiences attending game expos as exhibitors, having visited many expos based in the UK.

In the podcast we often chat about talks we've seen, or articles we've read. If you wish to look up the references as you're listening, to further engage in our conversation, we have listed them in the order they come up in the podcast below.

Guy gets through entire Call of Duty level without firing a bullet:

Games are broken toys, by Keith Burgun:

Strapping cows to a turbine in Just Cause 3:

Keza McDonald on having too many games to play:

Designer at Ustwo (Ken Wong) talks about Monument Valley's development, and touches on it's perceived value:

Information on Superfight!, the game played by Cian this week:

The Extra Credits video on The Witcher 3 being a strong detective game:

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